Month: February 2016

How to create a fuller leaf canopy for mature trees

Trimming your leaf canopy is an important art for an arborist.

The bigger your tree canopy, the more light it can intercept for the photosynthesis process. A 2001 study by Kern County of almond trees planted in 1996 revealed that water saturation had the greatest effect on a tree’s canopy growth over both nitrogen and pruning. ( Of course, an almond tree is very different from an oak,

Are your cottonwood trees dying?

My cottonwoods are dying!

Cottonwood trees are dying all across the Denver area. Native cottonwoods are highly resilient and thriving in many Denver neighborhoods while hybrid cottonwoods are slowly dying in some of Denver’s older neighborhoods. What’s the cause for these dying cottonwoods and what can homeowners expect for the next few years?

Why your cottonwoods are dying

Denver experienced a significant frost this year on Mother’s Day. Many trees,