Month: February 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Tree Trimming


When it comes to trimming trees, many people have different approaches. Some relish the opportunity to fire up the chainsaw. They go at it full-speed ahead and hack the tree down to a nub. Others gingerly remove branches piece by piece in a fashion so delicate you can’t tell they even did anything in the first place. And, of course, when it comes to the best time of the year to prune,

Why Stump Grinding Is the Best Solution for Removing Stumps

When many property owners think about maintaining the trees on their property they may only think about trimming branches and cutting down dead trees. However, there is another piece of the puzzle many property owners overlook. That is, what to do with the stump that is left behind when the tree is removed. If you have a stump left behind on your property, grinding it down is the best. Not the least of which is it will improve the appearance of your property.

How to Protect Your Plants and Flowers From Japanese Beetles In Denver


Riverton, New Jersey, 1916.

Why does a random place back east and a time over a century ago matter? It’s the first known instance when Japanese beetles were confirmed to be present in the United States. Since that time this menace of a little bug made its way across the U.S. to the Mile High city of Denver. The Japanese beetle (popillia japonica) is arguably one of the most devastating threats to landscaping,