5 Steps for choosing the right arborist or tree service in Denver

How to choose an arborist in Denver

A qualified arborist or tree service specialist will perform tree work properly and safely, but you need to do your homework before starting any service. An unqualified person may further damage the tree and more importantly, they may not be properly insured, leaving the liability burden to you the client. Before you hire any arborist or tree care company, follow these six steps to protect your backside and get the right quality of service. The last thing you want to do is go out on a limb with the wrong tree company:

1. Proper insurance

Does the prospective tree service company have the proper licenses and property liability insurance? These licenses and registrations will assure the company is properly insured with liability insurance and workman’s compensation. If they’re legitimately covered, they should have no issue providing proof of liability insurance. Check the dates and ask good questions.

2. BBB Accreditation

Contact your local BBB (denver.bbb.org) and see if the business is listed. What’s their rating? How long have they been in business? We recommend using a company that has been doing this for at least five years. Five years will weed out the newbies that are apt to do more harm that good to your trees. At Fielding Tree and Shrub Care, we have over a decade of experience as Denver’s favorite arborists.

3. Get multiple estimates

If one company’s estimate seems incredibly high or low, toss it. It usually means they have misjudged the scope of work one way or another, or will farm it out to another company. Both of these things will cost you dearly either way. If the estimates seem to vary too wildly, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask Fielding Tree Care if you have questions about two different estimates and we’ll do a free audit.

4. Be extra cautions after natural disasters

After a natural disaster or bad storm moves through town is when tree service con men come out. Check their status as a ISA certified arborist before even considering their services.

5. Look on Yelp! and other sources to see how they treat their customers

For example:

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