7 ways to reinvest your tax refund in your Trees and Shrubs

Tax Refund Trees and Shrubs - Fielding Tree and Shrub Care Denver

We’re huge fans of changing seasons here at Fielding Tree, but we’re also a big fan of Tax Refund Season!

April 15th has come and gone which means many of us are expecting a nice refund check from Uncle Sam. Reinvesting your tax refund back into your landscaping can add both beauty and value to your property. Here are seven ways you can put your tax refund to good use with trees and shrubs.

Remove a dead tree or two

Not only are dead trees unsightly, they’re can also be unsafe! Dead trees can collapse at any point causing physical danger and property damage. They can also be breeding grounds for disease and tree-killing bugs. Spend a little bit of your tax refund to remove any dead trees or shrubs and immediately improve the aesthetics of your landscaping.

Plant a new tree or two

A new tree or two can really change your landscape’s overall look and feel. Be sure to buy the right trees for your property and plant them in the right spot for their species.

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Put in a few new shrubs

Shrubs can accent angles and add texture to your property. They’re less expensive investments than trees are, but the effect can be just as strong.

Add mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs

This can give your trees’ root systems the insulation they need to hold off any late spring snows or sub-freezing surprises. It can also protect the base of your tree from summer heat and ground-level diseases.

Pay for a little more water this summer

If you select the right tree for your property, you won’t have to pay for as much water for those trees. A good way to tell if your trees need more water is to try sticking your finger into the dirt at the base of the tree. If your finger can’t smoothly push into the soil at least four inches, your tree needs more water. It’s worth saving some of your tax refund to pay slightly higher water bills this summer if it means your trees get the water they desperately need to thrive.

Give your trees a much-needed trim before summer

The best time to trim your trees is this time of year right after the leaf flush. Our Fielding Tree & Shrub Care team can give your trees the best-looking haircut in the city that will also help it grow and fight off disease this summer.

Treat your trees for bugs and diseases

Warmer weather means bugs will be on the loose. Paying for spray or injection treatment in your trees to protect against disease and bugs is another great investment with your tax refund.

Our Fielding Tree & Shrub Care team is here to serve you! We are Denver’s favorite arborist and we serve all across south Denver and Douglas County with a variety of services. Call our Fielding team today to see how you can invest your tax refund in your tree care today!