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How Do I Grow a Healthy Spruce Tree In Denver?

Full-bodied, continually green-blue spruce trees are valued in Denver for many purposes. Their hardiness, vibrant color, and sturdy shape make them a go-to choice for residential and community landscapes. Learn how to identify different spruce varieties and how to help them grow strong and healthy!

Spruce Tree Species Commonly Found In Denver

Part of the Pinaceae evergreen tree family, there are 35 spruce species in total.

Why Your Trees Need Water In the Winter


Winter is officially here and that means plenty of snow across the Front Range, right?

Not exactly. Even if Denver and those glorious mountains receive a hefty load of fresh powder, it doesn’t always translate to the much-needed moisture our trees need to thrive. Colorado is a desert climate, which means our trees struggle to thrive more in Denver than most other cities across the U.S.

Did you know your trees need water during the winter months?