How to find the perfect Christmas tree in south Denver

Pick the perfect Christmas tree in South Denver - Fielding Tree and Shrub Care

“We’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree…”

Admit it, you’re already humming along with Brenda Lee’s tune stuck in your head. It’s Christmas time in the Mile High City and you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. You probably have plenty of questions about how to find a great Christmas tree in south Denver:

  • What type of Christmas tree makes my house smell the best?
  • What Christmas tree will keep its needles? (Because nobody loves vacuuming around the tree every day during the holidays.)
  • What’s the difference between a spruce and a fir tree?

Well, as much as we love our trees, we also love celebrating the holidays! Let’s take a look at three of the most popular types of Christmas trees…

Colorado blue spruce trees for Christmas

What better way to celebrate Christmas in south Denver than with a Colorado blue spruce, the official state tree of Colorado? The blue spruce has a blueish sheen to its needles, hence the name “blue” spruce. It’s known for having wonderful needle retention throughout the holiday season.

One potential drawback is that the Colorado blue spruce is known to release an unusual odor when the needles are crushed. As long as you’re careful bringing the tree in and out of your house, it should be a beautiful sight for the holidays.

Fraser fir Christmas trees

The Fraser fir is a beauty to behold as it lines the grocery store sidewalks around Thanksgiving. Fraser firs are known for their pear-shaped appearance and full foliage. If you want a tree that smells like Christmas, get a Fraser fir. The scent alone is what air fresheners dream of smelling like and you get to enjoy that lingering freshness throughout the entire season. A majority of Fraser firs are grown and harvested in North Carolina so we may not get as many here in Colorado. However, a good Fraser fir is worth the experience.

Noble fir Christmas trees

If you want a tree that will still look fantastic on New Year’s Day, pick a Noble fir. This hardy species of Christmas trees keeps its shape for a long time and holds up well for those days (weeks?) you forget to water it. If you’re wondering where the name “Noble fir” came from, you may be surprised that these beauties can grow up to 200 feet tall in the wild! A massive fir tree that towers over the forest is the definition of noble.

Remember, the best way to enjoy your Christmas tree is to keep it safe and well fed during the holidays. Turn off the lights before bedtime and keep plenty of water in the tree stand. Have a happy Holidays from all of us at Fielding Tree & Shrub Care!