How to create a fuller leaf canopy for mature trees

How to create a fuller leaf canopy for mature trees - Fielding Tree & Shrub Care

Trimming your leaf canopy is an important art for an arborist.

The bigger your tree canopy, the more light it can intercept for the photosynthesis process. A 2001 study by Kern County of almond trees planted in 1996 revealed that water saturation had the greatest effect on a tree’s canopy growth over both nitrogen and pruning. ( Of course, an almond tree is very different from an oak, elm, ash, or other deciduous trees because each tree is different, but there are some common principles that can help you grow a fuller, deeper canopy in any mature tree.

How to create a fuller leaf canopy

As we’ve already seen, water works! A good, healthy amount of water across the root system of your tree, not just a hose spiked at the trunk, is a fantastic way to water your trees. An oscillating fan sprinkler can properly soak the ground above your trees root system over a ten-minute period of time. Another great way to grow a fuller canopy in older trees is by applying the right tree fertilizer. Colorado State University has an excellent resource for better understanding the right fertilizer to use in Colorado’s desert climate. Our Fielding Tree care team does provide tree fertilizing for our customers and we help you know which fertilizer will be best for your specific property soil and tree selections.

Trimming your trees is also important for growing a better leaf canopy. Think of your trees’ limbs and branches as a skeleton structure for your leaves to live. Too wide of a branch base creates sun gaps where precious sunlight slips through the leaves. Too narrow of a leaf canopy doesn’t optimize your tree’s growth potential. The better we can shape and redirect your trees’ skeleton, the more effective and intentional your leaves will grow over the years. This is why you need to have your trees regularly trimmed to ensure the best canopy structure possible.

If you have a mature trees in need of some TLC, give Fielding Tree & Shrub Care a call today. We can help whip those trees into shape, grow thicker, fuller leaf canopies, and capture as much sunlight as possible for years to come!