Why Denver Trees Need Tree Fertilization to Thrive

Spoiler alert: Denver is in a desert climate.

We know, it may not seem like Denver is in the desert because there’s limited sand in the Denver area. However, Denver is classified as a high-altitude desert that makes it hard for trees to get all their essential nutrients to thrive. That’s where tree fertilization can help your trees stay healthy and happy.

Types of tree fertilization

Tree fertilization injects a high level of vitamins near the base of a tree’s root system. There are three main practices for applying tree fertilization:

  • Root feeding fertilizer – This is where you have seen an arborist hammer a short fertilizer peg into the ground near the base of a tree. This type of tree fertilization of typically applied below the soil surface and often near or beyond the drip line.
  • Granular fertilizer – A grain-type fertilizer can be spread on top of the soil around the base of a tree. Granular fertilization typically works best for trees with little to no ground cover or grass. If a tree is more mature, we recommend spreading the granular fertilizer approximately ten feet or farther past the edge of the tree’s canopy.
  • Foliar fertilizer – If the name “foliar fertilization” reminds you of the word ‘foliage,’ you’re right! This is a water-based fertilizer that you can spray on a tree or bush’s foliage. One of the common concerns of the foliar fertilization method is that a poorly diluted fertilizer mix that’s too strong or applied too generously can burn a plant’s foliage. Also, if you apply fertilizer in a high level of heat, it can also cause damage to the plant or tree as it sits in the sun.

You can learn more about different fertilization techniques via the Colorado State Agriculture site.

How does Fielding Tree & Shrub Care provide tree fertilization?

Our Fielding Tree team loves trees, which means we choose only the best treatment option available for your tree. We want to be safe and wise with treating your trees. You don’t need to worry whether your kids or fur babies are at risk.

The first step in our tree fertilization process is to identify what species your tree may be and what it needs the most in our Denver climate. We may do an on-site inspection or ask you to send us a few pictures to ensure we have the most accurate information. When we understand your tree’s unique condition, we can choose the best treatment plan to keep your tree healthy and happy for years to come.

Do your trees need their vitamins? Schedule your free estimate today!