Ask the Arborist: When should I prune my apple trees?

Welcome to the latest edition of Ask the Arborist.  In this column, we aim to answer your tree and shrub care questions, and address current conditions we are seeing around town. Our goal is to help you learn more about how to care for the trees and shrubs on your property, and recognize any potential problems.

When should I prune my apple trees?

There are many apple tree varieties that thrive in Colorado.

Why Tree Topping Is Not An Acceptable Industry Practice

Is shaping up and beautifying your landscape on your list of resolutions or to-dos for 2021? With the new year comes hope for new and fresh beginnings. Change is good, but it takes more than good intentions to make it happen. If you’re excited about sprucing up your trees for spring, find how to do the job right. Learn why tree topping is not an acceptable practice, and how to safely and properly prune trees for maximum health and beauty. 

Pro Tips for Proper Winter Watering in Denver

The Christmas season is upon us and the winter chill has set in. It is so tempting to retreat to our warm indoor spaces and hibernate with feel-good hallmark movies! With all the craziness that 2020 has brought, many of our normal routines have been completely disrupted including lawn, tree, and shrub care. Find out why winter watering is essential and how to give your plants and trees what they need to survive this Denver winter.