How Do I Get Rid of Thyronectria Cankers On My Honeylocust Trees?

There’s a threat creeping along the Front Range and preying on our Denver Honeylocust trees. Thyronectria cankers are more prevalent than ever and can stay under the radar long enough to do irreversible damage to trees and shrubs. Find out more about canker diseases and how to get rid of Thyronectria cankers on your trees.

What Are Thyronectria Cankers?

Cankers, in general, are a form of tree disease.

How Do I Treat Chlorosis in My Denver Trees?

Protecting your trees and shrubs from pests like the EAB is on on your radar; but what about diseases that quietly deplete your plants’ resources and cause irreversible damage? Chlorosis is one of these lesser-known diseases that is actually quite prevalent in the Denver region. Follow our guide to learn how to treat Chlorosis in your trees and get them back to full health.

What Is Chlorosis and What Causes It?

The Best Way to Care for Linden Trees in Denver

Did you know that there are more than thirty species of linden trees in the world, but just four very suited to the Denver climate? Lindens are a popular choice for Colorado landscaping due to their ability to withstand subzero temperatures and alkaline soil conditions. Learn all about how to care for Linden trees so that they can thrive in your landscape.

What Types of Linden Trees Thrive In Denver?