Why you should hire a professional arborist (and not Bill the Lawn Guy)

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Your trees and shrubs are valuable investments!

April showers in Denver don’t always bring May flowers. Sometimes they can bring May blizzards and severe thunderstorms! High winds and heavy snow can be a big factor in why your trees need some TLC after a recent storm. It’s tempting to try trimming and fixing your trees by yourself. It’s even more tempting to see some random tree company parked down the street and think, “They probably know what they’re doing.” Wrong! There are three huge reasons why you should consider hiring a professional arborist like Fielding Tree & Shrub Care instead of a random “Bill the Lawn Guy” tree company:

Big Cotton And The Bucket Video1. We are certified arborists.

This is the equivalent of being a tree doctor: we’ve been to arbor school and know all about the best ways to care for specific trees. A peach tree and a pine tree need very different treatments for a variety of reasons. A tree company who doesn’t have our exceptional level of arborist education and experience can easily make rookie mistakes that will harm your trees. Trust the tree doctors; hire a certified arborist.

2. We take the time to help you learn about your trees.

What sets us apart from other arborists is that we have the heart of a teacher. We want you to know why we’re treating your trees with specific treatments. It’s one thing to treat your trees with expert care; it’s another thing to help you learn what to look for in the months and years to come. We see our customers as partners in tree care. The better you know what your trees and shrubs need, the healthier they will grow and thrive.

3. We are an established Denver-based company.

Some tree companies are like a lot of roofing contractors after a hail storm: short-lived and kinda shady (no pun intended). Fielding Tree & Shrub Care has proudly served Denver for over a decade and we’re just getting started. We are regularly reviewed through Yelp and Google and we make it a priority to serve with integrity, honesty, and a service handshake worth its weight in gold. With Fielding Tree & Shrub Care, you know you’re getting a locally-based company with a pristine reputation.

Don’t hire just anybody to care for your trees and shrubs. Before you call some random number on the side of a tree company truck, call Fielding Tree & Shrub Care for Denver’s favorite arborist. We’re here to serve you!