Why your pine trees are falling over

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The winter winds are whipping us right into spring and that means pine trees are starting to topple.

Austrian pine trees, Ponderosa pine trees, it doesn’t matter what type, pine trees are falling over across Denver. What causes pine trees to fall over? You may be surprised. There are two reasons why pine trees are susceptible to falling over.

Pine trees + damaged roots = death sentence for pines

Pines grow best in a forest setting, not as standalone trees. If you disturb the soil around a pine’s root base, it can easily damage the root system and start the deterioration process. A damaged root system is often a death sentence for a pine tree. Even compacting the soil around a pine tree can sometimes be enough to damage its roots.

Pine trees + shallow soil = no depth for stability

Pine trees also need deep soil to sink its roots into for stability. A pine tree’s root system can extend away from the tree at a distance as much as twice the height of the tree. (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Pines, notably Ponderosa pines, tend to have a deep tap root with a much shallower (12″ inches or shallower from the ground surface level) root system. The shallower roots follow cracks and water spots for the pine to quench its thirst.

If the tap root does have at least two feet of penetrable ground, its strength is only found in the shallow roots extending away from the tree base. Shallow roots and no firm tap root depth is a recipe for toppling under high winds. Your pine tree may already be in a less than ideal location. We recommend having a certified arborist inspect your pine tree’s location. A Fielding Tree certified arborist can determine the best course of action to protect your tree, your property, and especially your family from any potential fall.

If you have a pine tree that looks susceptible to high winds, don’t risk any damage. The first step is connecting with a Fielding Tree team member by scheduling an on-site consultation today. We’re south Denver’s favorite arborist for a reason: we love trees! Part of loving trees well is protecting them, like your shaky pine tree, from the next storm to hit Denver. Schedule your free estimate today and keep your pines safe from the storm.