Shrub Care

Shrub care keeps your property looking beautiful

Shrub care is an often overlooked aspect of a professional tree service, but it can provide an unbelievable pop of color, a nice complement to your property lines, and added value for resale. A beautiful row of shrubbery can stay in rhythm and balance with each new season.

Shrub care starts with keeping little plants from becoming big monsters in just a short period of time. Part of our comprehensive tree services is shrub care for neat, tidy, and healthy natural landscaping. Our Fielding Tree & Shrub Care team offers shrub care service from spring through fall.

We believe that a two-step approach is the best way to keep your shrubbery looking good, healthy, and under control. Shrub pruning once in the spring and once again in the fall will keep all new growth contained and in tip-top shape. Shrub trimming twice a year can also help reduce costs in the future. A properly planted and pruned shrub does not need hours of expensive, painstaking overhaul to get it back into shape.

We offer shearing, hedge development, hand pruning, topiary trimming, upright juniper shearing, and overall shape, containment, and separation trimming for shrubbery. The trimming and pruning styles vary depending on what species the plant is and what the desired effect of the shrub is.

Would you like healthy shrubs lining your property? Contact us to book your free consultation today!