Stump Grinding

Use stump grinding to keep your trees and home safe and healthy

Tree stumps can quickly become the new home for pests and diseases that wreak havoc on your property. If the infested stump is located near to your home or other structures, the pests can easily invade the living space. This is why Fielding Tree & Shrub Care offers a year-round tree stump grinding service. Stump grinding also allows more space on your property for replanting of new and healthy trees and grass.

Our Denver stump removal service consists of a complimentary on-site consultation followed by the scheduled appointment with a certified arborist to remove the stumps. It is extremely important to notify Fielding Tree & Shrub Care of any irrigation lines, plumbing, or wiring that may be under the stump that is being removed.

Important: It’s also essential to call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado to perform a ‘line locate’ before the scheduled grinding date if the stump is in an area that may contain utility hazards. Fielding Tree & Shrub Care cannot be responsible for these hazards if they are not reported by the customer before the stump grinding occurs, so it is important to check ahead of time.

Tree Stump Grinding Packages from Fielding Tree & Shrub Care

  • Surface Stump Grind: We will grind the stump down to approximately 6 inches below surface grade of the immediate stump area.
  • Deep Stump Grind: We will grind the stump down to approximately 20 inches below surface grade of the immediate stump area.

The area where the stump grinding occurs is then cleaned up. Any remaining stump grindings are neatly piled on top of the stump area. We can remove any grindings at an additional charge based on the amount of grindings in need of removal.

The pricing for tree stump grinding service depends on the size of stump being ground, the species of stump, site location and access, and material being removed or replaced. Grass may be planted in the area where the stump removal service occurs with topsoil, grass seed, and proper watering.

We do not recommend planting trees in the exact area where the stump was removed. Due to the unsuitable soil structure, it is better to replant in areas away from the removal area.

Do you have a tree stump that needs ground down? Contact us to book your free consultation today!