The Best Way to Prepare Your Property for Holiday Light Installation

Fall is here and it’s hard to believe that the holiday season is fast approaching. Now is the best time to secure a professional holiday lighting consultation and schedule installation for this winter. Check out our guide on the best way to prepare your property for holiday light installation.

What Is Professional Holiday Lighting?

Do you ever envy the holiday lighting displays you see in your town square, at the outdoor mall, or even your favorite restaurant? They appear especially bright and durable, expertly hung with clean lines and configured in a stylish design. That’s because these public spaces hire the pros to design and install their holiday lighting masterpieces. 

But professional holiday lighting is not just for commercial spaces! Many homeowners are turning to holiday lighting professionals to take the stress and pressure out of decorating and achieve the level of holiday lighting that they’ve always dreamed of. Nothing brings Christmas cheer like watching the lights go up from the comfort of your couch with a cup of hot chocolate in hand!

A holiday lighting consultation is a stress-free, low-pressure way to learn more about the holiday lighting design and installation possibilities for your home. There is no commitment required! Just a friendly meeting to discuss lighting design, products, and rates. Here’s what to expect:

  • Property visit: All holiday lighting consultations will take place on-site. Our team needs to see and assess your home, its architecture, and landscaping to consult on what designs and products are feasible for using your property.
  • Design: Share photos of inspiration and your vision for what you would like your holiday lighting design to look like. Our creative crew can make suggestions and draft a custom design to suit and accent the unique features of your property.
  • Products: Learn about the different lighting products available and what makes them durable and unique. Our team members will give you details on how much energy certain products will use and help you estimate how much of an increase in your energy bill you can expect during the holiday season.

What Steps Can I Take To Prepare My Property For Light Installation?

Once you’ve got your holiday lighting installation scheduled, there are few things you need to do in advance to get your home ready. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to set up my house for holiday light installers:

Clear Away Brush

The sparkling bulbs you see perched from the rooftop are only a small visible part of a larger complex network of wiring systems that go into producing a professional lighting spectacle. The lighting installation team will need access to all areas around the exterior of your home or property and the area will need to be free of built-up brush and debris from autumn.

Prepare your property by raking up any remaining fallen leaves and removing excess undergrowth. Clearing away all brush creates a safe space for holiday lighting installation to occur. Your professional team is trained to run wires and extension cords in the most efficient way possible, keeping things neat and tidy.

Trim Trees

Well-designed professional holiday lighting can really accentuate and feature your beautiful trees in a season when they might not otherwise be very impressive. Whether it’s your ornamental or shade trees involved in the holiday lighting display, it’s important to plan ahead and do proper winter trimming ahead of time.

Why trim your trees ahead of the holiday season? Winter storm weather is tough on trees and can deal serious damage. Unhealthy and dead tree branches are a huge liability during the winter months. They are susceptible to breaking in high winds or under the weight of snow and can come down unexpectedly causing damage to your property.

What a disappointment it would be to have gorgeous holiday lighting installed only to be ruined when a weak tree limb comes crashing down mid-winter. 

Be proactive and follow these tips from the Colorado State Forest Service.

Proper winter tree trimming increases the chances of a long-lasting beautiful holiday lighting display. Contact one of our arbor experts for a consultation!

Clear Gutters

When was the last time you did a thorough cleaning of your gutters? Last year or a few years ago? Don’t feel bad, that’s pretty normal. It’s no one’s favorite chore! But if you want your holiday lighting installation to go smoothly, clear your gutters in advance.

Clean, clutter-free gutters are necessary for all the hooks, attachments, and other accessories used for hanging your holiday lights. The installation will be a breeze if your gutters are ready to go!

Shovel Sidewalks

Holiday lighting professionals put in the outdoor time during installation so that you can stay warm, dry, and cozy indoors. Outdoor work in the winter season is inherently risky and sometimes just downright dangerous. Help keep your installation crew safe by shoveling all the walks on your property ahead of time.

This simple act shows consideration for your professional lighting team and helps the installation process go quickly. When the walks are shoveled (and even better, salted) the lighting installation technicians can feel safe and move around your property more efficiently.

Identify Power Lines

Short circuits and flipped breakers are no fun- you don’t want a Clark Griswold moment! When you are implementing a holiday lighting plan, it is important to identify and map out the location of power lines on your property. 

This information should be shared with your lighting installation team ASAP. Powerlines on and around the property must be noted, and even buried power lines should be taken into consideration. Holiday lighting professionals will know exactly how much power your system and circuits can handle if, and only if, they have all the right information upfront. 

Prune Shrubs

Blustery cold winter weather can turn your shrubs’ bare stems and branches brittle. Shrubs are often utilized and can be an integral part of holiday lighting displays. Unfortunately, if the shrubs are stressed and strained they may not be able to bear the weight of holiday lights properly.

The solution? Before adorning your shrubs with lighting, prepare them with strategic pruning. Winter is a great time to prune, contain or rejuvenate overgrown shrubs as they’ll be able to recover quickly in spring with new growth. This will also minimize the amount of time you’ll spend looking at a plant that looks like a bunch of sticks after rejuvenation pruning.


Safety Considerations For Holiday Light Installation

Tree trimming is a standard part of preparing your property for holiday lighting installation, but it can be dangerous. Improver trimming can be harmful to the tree’s health and yours. For many homeowners, following proper techniques or safety procedures is just not something they have the background knowledge or skill training to do. Aside from safety, the other goal of tree trimming is to enhance the overall shape, beauty, and health of the tree. DIY trimming can easily be turned into a hack job.

Save yourself and your trees from an injury in the making. Our team of highly trained arborists knows the exact steps for protecting your trees and property while keeping everyone safe. We have the right equipment and tools to perform tree trimming services across the Denver metro area. We have a trained eye for spotting weak, damaged or diseased wood that needs to be removed and how to create the perfect cuts to encourage new growth. 

Another way to wind up in the ER is sustaining an injury while DIYing your lights. Falls and electrocutions land hundreds of homeowners in the hospital over the holidays. The best way to stay safe is to leave the holiday light installation completely to the pros and if adjustments need to be made, simply contact us for help. 

When Is The Right Time to Schedule Holiday Lighting Installation?

Fall is here! While you’re enjoying a pumpkin spice latte, our team at Fielding Tree & Shrub Care is pulling out the holiday lighting. We’re getting everything organized and gearing up for the holiday season, which is just around the corner.  Professional holiday lighting is one of our most popular services and we want you to have the first call on consultations and scheduling our services.

As soon as October starts schedules start to get hectic for our clients, so holiday lighting consultations are available now! Don’t miss this opportunity to custom design a stunning lighting display months in advance, taking one more thing off your busy holiday to-do list!

Contact us to schedule your holiday lighting consultation today!