Tree fertilizer tips for Colorado

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Spring is coming!¬†Okay, so most of Denver is still buried in a foot of snow, but it’s officially March!

As you start thinking about getting your trees and shrubs ready for the spring, the idea of fertilizing might come to mind. When is the best time to fertilize your trees? Are there special tree fertilizer tips to know to help your trees thrive in Colorado? What’s the best way to fertilize your trees? Having the right information on tree fertilizers can give your trees the boost they need to spring into spring!

The best time to fertilize trees in Colorado

There are two prime times of year to fertilize your trees in Colorado: late spring and late fall before the first major snowstorm. The most effective tree fertilizing takes place in the spring and fall after trimming. Cutting back dead or unwanted tree growth will help your trees focus on their nutrient intake, which is why applying tree fertilizer gives your trees the super vitamins they need to thrive.

Tree Fertilizer Tips Denver - Fielding Tree and Shrub CareColorado is a very arid climate with less oxygen availability (you remember the altitude, right?) and the soil is high in alkaline concentration. This means your trees aren’t getting nearly the nutrients they would get in more humid climates, like back east or along a major river, like the Mississippi. This is why fertilizer is so crucial towards helping your trees develop strong vascular systems, grow fully mature canopies, and withstand many of the diseases that can kill younger saplings.

Tree fertilizer grows healthy root systems

The right tree fertilizer can¬†separate the Colorado clay under your trees. This helps root systems grow healthy and strong as they push deeper for future years. It’s important to consider the value and risks of organic vs. manufactured¬†fertilizers. Organic fertilizers do take longer to absorb into your trees’ systems, but manufactured fertilizers carry added risks of over-fertilizing. (Source: Colorado State Planttalk) If you’re not sure what type of fertilizer would work best with your soil, ask our Fielding Tree & Shrub Care team to test your soil for nutrient data.

Grow your trees this spring with fertilizing from Fielding

New buds are weeks away from popping out on tree all over Denver. Give your trees a jumpstart on spring with fertilizing service from Fielding Tree & Shrub Care. We will share with you the value of fertilizing your trees and how to best care for them as they develop new leaves for the summer. We proudly serve all of south metro Denver, including Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Douglas County, and Parker, as Denver’s best arborist.

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