Do your trees need a tree doctor?

Fielding Tree - tree doctor Denver

You wouldn’t hire just anybody to do major surgery, would you? Just because someone claims to be a doctor doesn’t mean they’re the right type of doctor. A dentist may know how to replace a crown, but they’d do a terrible job on a knee replacement. You also wouldn’t assume any doctor is automatically a good doctor until you get to know them and see their work.

The same principle is true when it comes to caring for your trees. Fielding Tree and Shrub Care is a certified tree and shrub care company based in south Denver. We are proud to call ourselves south Denver’s favorite arborist, or tree doctors. We give your trees and shrubs the care and bedside manner they need to thrive in Denver’s tough climate. We help resuscitate tree’s vascular systems, give them the food and vitamins they need, and also make repairs when their branches break and need surgery.

Our Fielding Tree and Shrub Care team specializes in expert tree trimming, tree removal, shrub care, stump removal, and tree planting. We are a fully licensed and insured arbor care company with several certified arborists on our staff. We have fifteen years of expert arborist experience in the Denver metro area with many satisfied customers. We are also proud to be a Better Business Bureau tree service and part of Angie’s List and Highlands Mommies.

If your trees and shrubs need some TLC, call Fielding today to schedule your free “check-up”. We will work with you to help your trees and shrubs of all shapes and sizes look and feel their best.