Why Your Trees Need Water In the Winter

Why Your Trees Need Water In the Winter | Fielding Tree Care Denver


Winter is officially here and that means plenty of snow across the Front Range, right?

Not exactly. Even if Denver and those glorious mountains receive a hefty load of fresh powder, it doesn’t always translate to the much-needed moisture our trees need to thrive. Colorado is a desert climate, which means our trees struggle to thrive more in Denver than most other cities across the U.S.

Did you know your trees need water during the winter months? They absolutely do, especially if we go more than a week or two without any significant snowfall or rain. Trees may be dormant, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need at least some moisture to stay safe and healthy.

Prolonged dry periods during the winter months can cause root damage, which will threaten the life of a tree or shrub. It’s best to water when it’s above 40 degrees with no snow on the ground. Having no snow cover means there is no moisture making its way to the tree’s root system and it’s in need of water. Also, be sure to water during mid-day so the water has time to work its way into the ground before dark.

As soon as you notice it hasn’t snowed or rained for at least a week, it’s time to grab a bucket or hose and pour at least a few gallons of water at the base of each tree. Turn on your hose for about 15 to 20 minutes to give your tree plenty of water. The ground will soak up a good amount of the water, even if the ground is a little frozen.

If you do use a hose, remember to disconnect it once you’re done so the hose doesn’t freeze and potentially cause problems with your house’s plumbing or hose bib. Any extra water you leave in the hose can be poured out at the base of the tree to make the most of your work.

Our Fielding Tree and Shrub Care love taking care of trees around the year and making your property look its best when spring arrives again. We use added measures for retaining moisture in the soil around the base of your trees and shrubs, such as mulch, root care, and other conservation techniques.

If you have questions about how to keep your trees healthy during the winter, send us a message to ask any questions you may have. We’re happy to be your go-to source for tree care in Denver. Here’s to a beautiful start to the holiday season. Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year!

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