What are the benefits of removing that unattractive tree stump in my yard?

Tree stumps are not only unsightly, but they can also be a safety hazard, and often attract unwanted pests and disease. Maybe you recently had a tree removed but decided to leave the stump behind. Maybe the stump was there when you moved into your house. Whatever the reason, here’s some food for thought when deciding if that pesky stump should stay or be removed.

Benefits of Removing A Tree Stump

Ensure Safety. Tree stumps can be a hidden hazard in your yard. Removing the tree stump will prevent tripping accidents and make your yard a safer place to maintain and enjoy.

Prevent Pests and Disease. Leftover tree stumps tend to attract unwanted critters that can spread to healthy neighboring plants and trees, or even your house. Eliminating the stump is the best way to avoid these unwanted visitors.

Avoid Damage. When a stump remains, so does its root system. Even though the tree is gone, the roots continue to grow and may create an underground threat to your home and plants in the surrounding area.

Increase Property Value. Nobody likes to see an ugly, old tree stump taking away from the beauty of an, otherwise, lovely outdoor space. Stump removal improves curb appeal and the overall appearance of your landscape.

Start Anew. Stump grinding, in particular, leaves your yard flat and even so you can start fresh. Take advantage of that newfound space and consider planting a flower bed in its place to enhance the beauty of your yard.

When you hire a professional to remove your tree, like the arborists at Fielding Tree & Shrub Care, you will likely get an estimate to have the leftover stump removed as well. A professional arborist will often use a stump grinder to efficiently clear the area. Hiring a professional comes with the added benefit of getting the job done safely and efficiently, so that you can use that extra yard space immediately.

Stump grinding is not to be taken lightly, however. It involves heavy equipment and can be quite dangerous. Learn more about our stump grinding services, and why you should hire a professional in this blog originally posted in October, 2018.

Schedule your complimentary on-site estimate with one of our certified arborists today! We will safely remove your tree, along with its stump, so you can fulfill the overall vision for your yard.