Month: February 2016

The Homeowner’s Guide to Tree Removal In Denver

Treating unhealthy trees starts with knowing when to fight and when to say goodbye.

We get it. You’ve had that cottonwood in your front yard for nearly a decade. It’s become so much a staple of your home that you can’t imagine your front yard without it. But sometimes you have to say goodbye to a favorite tree whether you want to or not.

It’s possible you’re also overwhelmed at the prospect of tree removal.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Stump Grinding In Denver

That tree stump in your yard could be causing more harm than you realize.

You’ve finally got rid of that dying oak that was threatening your house, but now you’re left with a large unsightly tree stump in the middle of your front yard. You can spot things growing in the crevices, and you’re convinced your neighbor’s daughter – who can’t seem to stop playing on it – is going to really hurt herself one day.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Tree Fertilization In Denver

Denver is a desert climate, which means your trees are starving for nutrients!

When people first move to Denver, there are usually a few early observations:

  • “Is it normal to feel like you’re going to die walking up a flight of stairs or is that just the altitude?”
  • “I can finally tell which direction I’m facing because of the mountains!”
  • “There is no humidity in Colorado.”
  • “My hands,