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Tree Trimming

Fielding Tree Care’s tree trimming service helps improve the overall health of your trees and the visual value of your landscape.

Tree Pruning

Fielding Tree Care Aims to Be A Cut Above Other Tree Trimming Services

Regular tree trimming services are extremely important for two very specific reasons:

  1. Tree pruning increases the overall health of your trees. The act of removing select living branches, as well as dead, diseased, damaged, and dangerous limbs, allows better resource allocation, improves tree safety and storm resilience, and increases pest resistance.
  2. Tree pruning helps improve the aesthetic appeal of your trees. A proper tree trimming service will increase the visual value of your landscape, ultimately adding value to your property.

Our arborists prune according to the ISA’s ANSI A300 Pruning Standard while also considering the customer’s objectives for their property.

What to Expect

What’s Involved With A Tree Trimming Service From Fielding Tree Care?

At Fielding Tree Care, we believe that pruning your trees should depend first on what you want as the customer. We also rely on our knowledge of professional tree trimming services to help serve you. Our experienced and certified arborists know the nuances of tree care within a high-altitude environment. We take the time to examine a tree’s location in the landscape, and what factors may be contributing to its overall health, including things that may hinder its ability to thrive.

We believe that a properly trimmed tree will be pruned for a sound structure, well-balanced for a strong growth form, removed of any significant dead wood, and not over-thinned in the canopy. Thinning without a purpose , especially in Colorado’s arid climate, can easily stress a tree and ultimately lead to its failure. Our expertise can help give you the right look of your trees for years to come, while improving their health each year as well.

Are Your Trees in Need of a Good Trim?

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