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Our experienced ground personnel and qualified tree specialists make us the preferred tree removal company for this important task.

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Damaged or dead trees can be as much a nuisance as they can be hazardous. Removing a dead or damaged tree is often the most technical part of tree care and can be extremely dangerous.
Countless accidents, even fatal ones, occur every year from do-it-yourselfers or even inexperienced tree workers trying to remove trees without the proper training and equipment. You need an experienced arborist with a tree removal company to safely perform this essential task.

Many arborists joined the tree care industry because of the art of tree removal. The act of removing a tree can involve technical rigging and roping techniques, hoisting limbs and leaders with winch devices, safely and efficiently picking out large portions of a tree with a crane, or just notching and accurately dropping. Removing a tree can be an enjoyable challenge for a tree care specialist.

We highly recommend any tree removal be completed by professionals such as those at Fielding Tree Care. We provide only the most experienced ground personnel and qualified tree removal specialists for this dangerous and important task. Our experts make us the top tree removal company in our service area.

Stump Grinding

Leaving That Stump in Your Yard Can Cause Issues

A tree stump can soon become an old tree stump, and an old tree stump can soon become a decaying tree stump. That’s not always the best look and it could affect your property value. Additionally, it can get in the way while you’re mowing the lawn or even just walking around. Keep in mind, planting a tree near the old tree stump will create less than ideal growing conditions. The stump still has a root system that will hinder the new tree’s ability to grow.

Furthermore, tree stumps can quickly become a home for pests and diseases and wreak havoc on your property. If the infested stump is located near your home, the pests can easily invade other nearby trees or even your house. Additionally, our stump grinding service provides cleanup of grindings at an additional charge based on the amount of grindings in need of removal.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage Tree Removal Services: Protecting Your Property from Nature’s Wrath

When the sky darkens and the wind starts to howl, your trees might bear the brunt of nature’s fury. Storms, with their powerful winds and intense elements, can wreak havoc on your property’s precious arboreal inhabitants. Understanding the potential risks associated with trees during such times is crucial. Beyond the immediate dangers of falling branches, storm damage can lead to a host of other issues that can compromise your property’s integrity.

After a fierce storm rolls through, your trees can experience various forms of damage that extend beyond what meets the eye. While broken limbs and fallen trees are apparent signs of destruction, other hidden consequences can silently take root. Cracks in the trunk, splitting bark, and root system damage are just a few examples of the less visible outcomes of storms.

Consulting a certified arborist after a storm is the initial step toward evaluating the extent of damage your trees have sustained. Our experts are skilled at identifying the severity of the damage and recommending appropriate treatments or storm damage tree removal services. We possess the knowledge to spot both obvious and subtle signs of distress, ensuring that no potential issue goes unnoticed.

When nature unleashes its fury, don’t leave the aftermath to chance. At Fielding Tree Care, we understand the intricacies of storm damage and offer specialized services to help your trees recover. Whether it’s removing broken limbs, addressing hidden issues, or even providing storm damage tree removal services, our certified arborists are equipped to handle the aftermath of nature’s wrath. Protect your property and ensure the health of your trees with our professional expertise.

A long tree trunk being cut down in size by an arborist wielding a chainsaw during storm damage tree removal services in Denver, CO.
A trained arborist prepares a large tree trunk and stump for removal during storm damage tree removal services in Denver, CO.

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