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Fielding Tree Care’s arborists are well versed in apple tree care in the south Denver, CO area.

Apple Tree

Maintenance Tips

  • Most apple trees require a pollinator to be planted in close proximity. Planting a single apple tree without a pollinator will result in lack of fruit. Luckily, apple trees and crabapple trees cross-pollinate and there are plenty of each within a common bee’s flight radius. This proximity is enough to have a successful crop without planting a second tree.
  • We suggest that pruning be completed during an apple tree’s dormant season.
  • Pests are a serious problem plaguing apple trees and they are also prone to a host of diseases. These can affect both the apples, and the tree itself. Keep a lookout for any signs of illness or weakness, such as brown or blackened leaves. 
  • When planting apple trees, proper spacing is key for optimal development. Space standard apple trees 25-30 feet apart, and dwarf varieties 15 feet apart.
  • The exact apple tree maintenance plan will depend on the variety of apple tree(s) you have growing on your property. View our full article with the most common apple tree varieties and their care below.

Most Common

Diseases and Pests for Apple Trees

AphidsApple MaggotCodling MothFire BlightJapanese BeetlePowdery MildewAnthracnose

The biggest disease risk for apple trees in the Denver area is the fire blight bacteria. The burned leaves (pictured below)  are a telltale sign of fire blight.


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