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Cottonwood Tree Maintenance

Fielding Tree Care’s arborists are well versed in caring for Cottonwood trees in the south Denver, CO area.

Cottonwood Tree

Maintenance Tips

  • An important thing to know in order to properly care for Cottonwood trees is that they can be susceptible to breakage in heavy spring snows and high winds.
  • Never “top” your cottonwood tree.
  • These trees grow at a rapid pace, have them trimmed by a professional. Additionally, these trees have large root systems.

Most Common

Diseases and Pests for Cottonwood Trees

Cytospora CankerSlime FluxLeaf Spot DiseasePowdery Mildew

The Cytospora Canker poses the greatest invasive threat to cottonwood trees, which already have weaker wood density than many trees. If you see discolored cankers, discolored bark, or oozing resin then your tree may be in need of some help!


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