EAB Treatment and Prevention for Ash Trees in Denver

Fielding Tree Emerald Ash Borer Denver


It’s happening, whether we want to admit it or not: the Emerald Ash Borer is starting to destroy ash trees across Boulder County.

The rest of the Denver metro area is next on its target list. What’s the Emerald Ash Borer, or EAB as it’s also known, and why is it a threat to trees? Our Fielding Tree team hears that question more frequently with this growing infestation.

Here are a few articles that will help you know why the EAB is dangerous to ash trees:

The reality is there is a lot of misinformation about EAB treatments and whether they work. Our Fielding Tree Care team uses ArborMectin in safe recommended dosages for trunk and soil injections to fight off EAB infestations. ArborMectin is a an injected insecticide with a two-year potency that works against the Emerald Ash Borer.

We know ArborMectin is 100% effective for preventing EAB infestation for ash trees across the Denver area. We also know that if an ash tree already happens to be infested, then ArborMectin will stop the infestation in its tracks. Read more about ArborMectin’s effectiveness against EAB infestation here.

As with all of our tree and shrub treatments, we only use safe, proven treatments in their recommended applications. Our team of certified arborists know what is recommended and proven to work and apply our treatments in a way that protects you, your loved ones, and your fur babies.

The best step you can take to prevent EAB infestation of your ash trees is to schedule your free on-site inspection. One of our Fielding Tree certified arborists can come to your location, inspect your tree, and provide customized insight based on your property’s placement and layout.

With Emerald Ash Borer beetles on the move from early May through late July, you have a small window to stop the EAB threat and save your ash trees. Schedule your complimentary on-site ash tree inspection today.

Fielding Tree provides ash tree and EAB treatment services in Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, Castle Rock, and other parts of Douglas County, Colorado.