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Pine, Evergreen, & Spruce Tree Maintenance

Fielding Tree Care’s arborists are well versed in pine tree maintenance and evergreen tree care in the south Denver, CO area.

Pine, Evergreen, & Spruce Tree

Maintenance Tips

  • Routine trunk injections can help Denver evergreens stay healthy and strong, making them more resistant to pests and diseases. Establishing a tree maintenance plan is especially important for evergreens during Colorado’s hot and dry summer months.
  • Mulch helps evergreens retain moisture, prevents weed growth, and insulates roots from extreme temperatures.
  • Evergreens are susceptible to fertilizer burn, which can cause browning of the needles. It is best to fertilize evergreens in both the early spring, before new growth begins, and in the fall to promote fine root development.

Most Common

Diseases and Pests for Pine, Evergreen, & Spruce Tree

Evergreen Borer BeetleIPS BeetleNeedle BlightSpruce BeetlePine Sawyer BeetlePine Wilt Disease

Currently, the biggest risk for evergreen trees in the Denver area is the IPS Beetle. These beetles (pictured below) are dark, reddish-brown or black in color, and feed on the phloem of wood. They mark and carve the wood as they feed and are only about 1/8 to 3/8 inches long. Look for the upper crown of your evergreen to die off first, as that may be a telltale sign of an IPS Beetle attack.


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