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Fielding Tree Care’s arborists are well-versed in providing Elm tree care services in the south Denver, CO area.

Elm Tree

Maintenance Tips

  • Select pest-resistant varieties when planting, such as Emerald Sunshine Elm, Accolade Elm, Valley Forge Elm, etc. These modern-day American elm hybrids are looking to provide resistance to both Elm leaf miner (beetle) and European Elm scale.
  • Water during dry periods.
  • Fertilize as needed.
  • Mulch around the base of the tree.
  • Avoid wounding the tree bark as this provides an entry point for fungus.

Most Common

Diseases and Pests for Elm Trees

European Elm ScaleElm Leaf BeetleElm Leafminer

There are two ferociously destructive pests that will happily move into your elms, if given the chance. Regular Elm tree care services are vital to warding off these pests.  Elm trees are known to battle European Elm Scale, which, as the name suggests, presents a scale-like distortion of an elm tree’s bark. The Elm Leaf Beetle is the most notorious pest that loves feeding on elm trees. This little yellow-and-black bug eats elm tree leaves and implants its larvae inside the leaves.


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