Where to find great firewood in Denver

Where to find good firewood in Denver


Fall is a great season for bonfires and fireplaces to share their warmth. We hate seeing trees die, but we love seeing dead trees being used for the right purpose. Finding good firewood can be a challenge though and there are a few risks to keep in mind. Did you know that tainted wood for your fireplace or fire pit can actually cause a threat to your existing trees?

Firewood can carry a variety of diseases and bugs depending on how it’s stored. Firewood that is stacked in metal racks elevated above the ground is ideal. This protects the wood from ground-traveling tree diseases and insect infestation. As long as the wood is elevated, dry, and covered, your trees should be protected from unnecessary risks.

Beware of buying firewood online

“I found a great deal on firewood on Craigslist!” What may seem like a good deal may need a second thought. Where did the wood come from? How has it been stored? Who is selling the wood? Be careful when buying from online sources.

The good news is there are great deals from local sellers on Craigslist. Just use caution and know what you’re paying for. There are many posts online promoting free cords of wood from distributors and homeowners that simply want to get rid of it. Again, be careful and enjoy the free price tag!

Local firewood distributors in south Denver

  • Rocky Mountain Firewood (8895 E. Iliff Ave Denver, CO 80231) is located near the 25/225 exchange. Their lot is open to the public and their reputation is excellent. Call (303)-752-1500 to ask about firewood varieties.
  • Variety Firewood off Belleview & Federal (2727 West Union Avenue, Englewood, CO 80110) has an excellent selection of firewood, such as Pine, Pinon, Oak, and City mix.
  • Franktown Firewood & Fireside (2024 N Highway 83, Franktown, CO 80116) is a great local distributor based in Douglas County south of Parker. They have a wide range of firewood types to choose from.

Fielding Tree & Shrub Care can help you find other great firewood distributors. Our love for trees gives us a unique knowledge of which firewood will burn best for your comfort. If you’re struggling to find good firewood, we probably know the right place to start.