How often should you water your Christmas tree?

How much water does my Christmas tree need? Fielding Tree and Shrub Care Denver arborist


Christmas trees are making their annual appearance in living rooms, front rooms, window displays, and yes, even dorm rooms around the world. Whether you’re a Douglas fir fan or a blue spruce believer, who doesn’t love that fresh smell of pine?! What we don’t love is seeing Christmas trees start to brown before Christmas Day.

So, how much water does an average Christmas tree need? Hmm… I wonder if someone knew a lot about trees could help us with that question.:)

How much water does a Christmas tree need?

Is it possible to overwater a Christmas tree? Well, if it’s a plastic tree, then any water is too much water! *Ba-dum-ching* Okay, lame jokes aside, we’re going to leaf that one alone. (See what we did there?)

In all serious though, it is important to know how much water to feed your Christmas tree. Dried-out pine trees are a fire hazard in any context, especially when covered with lights and sitting in our homes. The best approach to watering your tree actually starts with choosing the right stand for your tree. Pick a large-capacity stand that will hold at least a gallon of water.

Now, your tree will be plenty thirsty when you first bring it home, so keep that base filled up all the way. Check it a couple times throughout the day. Pre-cut trees absorb the most water within the first week of being on display. If you keep your stand full, your tree will be healthy and happy for the holiday season.

What type of water is best for watering my Christmas tree?

The top-secret type of water that’s best for your Christmas tree is… plain ol’ tap water. No bleach, fertilizer, or any other additive is needed. The best water usually comes straight from your faucet. In fact, some additives, like commercial Christmas tree “fertilizers” actually gum up the plant tissue at the bottom of the tree that help absorb water. This can cause your tree to actually dry out faster.

It’s best to water your tree as often as you eat. If you’re hungry, there’s a good chance your tree is also hungry! So, if you’re getting ready for the morning, make sure to water your tree. If you’re home for lunch, give your tree more water. If you’re cleaning up from dinner, make sure Mr. Tree has all the water he needs to quench his thirst through the night.

Watering your Christmas tree will keep your tree looking beautiful and safe all through the holidays. For all of us at Fielding, we love seeing people care for trees just as much as we do. Have a happy holiday season!