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Locust Tree Maintenance

Fielding Tree Care’s arborists are well versed in Locust tree diseases and care in the south Denver, CO area.

Locust Tree

Maintenance Tips

  • Proper watering is an overlooked, but very important, tree care practice. Locust species prefer well-drained soil and can become compromised if their soil becomes too saturated with water.
  • Locust trees adapt to different soil types, but even the ones commonly found in Denver, struggle in the high-alkaline soil.
  • Annual pruning helps Locust trees keep their beautiful shape and color. Retaining abundant deadwood or damaged limbs may serve as attractants to boring insects and fungal pathogens.
  • Honey Locusts are susceptible to borers, but proper maintenance can build resistance.

Most Common

Locust Tree Diseases and Pests

Honey Locust BorerRoot Collar Rot CankersHoneylocust Pod Gall Midge

The Honey Locust tree, in particular, struggles with diseases that can cause injury and even death. Thyronectria Canker and Honey Locust Borers are the most common Locust tree diseases and pests in Denver.


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