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Maple Tree Care

Fielding Tree Care’s arborists are well versed in Maple tree care in the south Denver, CO area.

Maple Tree Care

Maintenance Tips

  • Annual assessments to see if your maple needs pruning can help in keeping their beautiful shape and foliage. Heavy snow can affect their branches, so they may or may not need a good pruning.
  • For many maple species, even the ones commonly found in Denver, the high alkaline soil can lead to problems with chlorosis. The best way to neutralize this threat is with the right fertilizer application.
  • Maples are prone to fungi related diseases if their soil becomes too saturated with water. Leaf scorch and other damage can occur if there isn’t enough water.

Most Common

Diseases and Pests for Maple Trees

ChlorosisPowdery Mildew  – Root RotFrost Damage

Chlorosis is noticeable on your maples in that the leaves prematurely turn yellow. While there can be other causes for the yellowing, chlorosis is an iron or manganese deficiency and can come from high pH levels in your soil. Being that Colorado is a particularly dry state, without much precipitation, chlorosis is common among maple trees.


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