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Tree Fertilization with Fielding Tree & Shrub Care
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Your trees and shrubs are living, breathing plants that require essential nutrients to thrive. That doesn’t happen by accident, especially in our Colorado climate. Our beautiful state is a high-desert environment that presents harsh growing conditions.

Our team has years of experience in all aspects of tree care, including fertilization, pruning, and disease prevention and treatment. Think of us as dietitians for your trees and shrubs, crafting a comprehensive plan to keep your trees and shrubs well-fed throughout the year. With each fertilization treatment, we’re enriching the soil for the long-term payoff. It requires consistency and expert insight to know how to nurture your growing conditions for optimal results in the future.


Types of Tree Fertilizer We Use


We have a full menu of tree-savoring goodness just waiting for your trees and shrubs. Our tree fertilizer options include:

  • Pine tree fertilizers – This may surprise you, but pine trees need just as much nutritional support as any other tree in Colorado. They deserve a special diet to keep away pine beetles and nasty grubs.
  • Fruit tree fertilizers – This is our artisan arborist-crafted concoction for bringing out the best fruit and healthiest limbs for bearing full harvests in the future.
  • Shrub fertilizers – With so many different shrub varieties, we know how to identify your exact shrub species and what nutrients it needs the most to thrive in Colorado.


At Fielding Tree & Shrub Care, we commit to
never using tree spike fertilizers to help feed your trees.


We care deeply about providing the best possible care for our customers’ trees and shrubs. Part of that commitment is knowing which practices give the most effective care. One of the most popular fertilization techniques is tree spikes. Our experience and education continue proving that tree spike fertilizers are some of the least effective and even dangerous fertilization methods.

Our team of certified arborists at Fielding Tree & Shrub Care do not use tree spike fertilizers for three solid reasons:

  • Tree spikes are too shallow – they don’t get past grassroots, rocks, and other debris near the surface. Your tree’s roots are often much deeper than the depth of a simple tree spike.
  • Too small of a treatment area – Tree spikes only fertilize a singular spot and rarely treat more than the immediate area.
  • Not environmentally friendly – A vast majority of tree spikes are still made out of plastic (not cool!)

With the sacred responsibility of caring for your property, we have a better approach to tree fertilization that leverages the latest tree science (arboriculture) with over 20 years of industry expertise.


It’s time to implement a tree protection and feeding plan.
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