Tree Maintenance Plan

Your Trees and Shrubs Deserve a Comprehensive Tree Maintenance Plan Customized to Their Exact Needs


Colorado’s high-altitude desert climate can be a challenge for many species of trees and shrubs. As a property owner, you want true peace of mind knowing you’re giving every plant the best possible care. There’s far more to plant healthcare than simply how it looks on the outside. We understand – you likely inherited the current condition of your property’s trees and shrubs as its new owner.

That’s where our team of certified arborists excels in total tree and shrub care. Each species of tree has specific nutritional needs, environmental factors, and even unique vulnerabilities to certain pests and diseases. Your trees are an investment for the future. That’s why you need a customized tree maintenance program as unique as each tree on your property.


The Fielding Tree & Shrub Care Maintenance Program

The Best Total Tree Care Service in Denver


Our customized tree maintenance plan gives your leafy lovables the TLC they deserve. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and nowhere is that truer than with the health of your trees and shrubs. We designed our maintenance program with the complete tree’s wellbeing in mind:

Step 1: Onsite Assessment

One of our certified arborists will perform a comprehensive on-site examination of your property. During the consultation, we identify each species of tree and shrub, looking for signs of infestation, damage and disease. We carefully determine each tree’s condition, specific needs, and the time of year that will yield the best results for treatment. This triage process is about prioritizing which trees and shrubs can add the greatest value to your property. You receive a comprehensive, customized assessment, including a proposed treatment and maintenance plan.

Step 2: Implement Treatment Plan

Upon accepting the proposed treatment and maintenance plan, we will coordinate the scheduling of your services based on your specific tree and shrub’s needs, time of year, and your availability. Our crew of licensed, insured arborists implement your maintenance plan to get your trees and shrubs looking their best. If needed, we also remove dead trees, shrubbery, and grind out the stumps left behind. The end result is a much healthier landscape for you to enjoy.

Step 3: Ongoing Tree Maintenance

We believe in providing long-term care for the trees and shrubs on your property, not a one-and-done approach. Ongoing tree maintenance includes continuing to protect your trees from pests and disease, annual fertilization, and complimentary spring consultations. Tree fertilization is an important first step of preventative tree medicine helping disrupt the hard Colorado clay soil and deliver the nutrients your trees and shrubs need to thrive. When we visit your property in the spring, we check for any changes in health and safety and make adjustments as needed based on our findings.


What’s the True Value of a Tree Maintenance Program?


A comprehensive tree maintenance plan with certified arborists can give you:

  • True peace of mindAnnual maintenance of your trees and shrubs adds lasting value to your property, prevents future problems, and saves you money over time. Your beautiful, mature trees are irreplaceable. Ongoing prevention and maintenance is the wisest financial choice to preserve your trees’ splendor and help you avoid the cost of removal and replacement.
  • A healthier, safer treeBy making the responsible choice to implement a tree maintenance plan, you are doing what is right for your trees, your landscape, and the environment. Proper and timely treatment maximizes your tree’s life-cycle and protects yours property from unnecessary infestation or safety hazards. Maintaining optimum tree health helps you avoid risk due to disease and decay, with added environmental benefits such as improving air quality, providing oxygen, and decreasing soil erosion.
  • A better investment for the future – Homeowners choose a comprehensive tree maintenance plan as part of their routine, exterior home upkeep because they care about their trees’ health now, and down the road. Not only do trees add to your home’s curb appeal and property value, but they also produce shade, which helps regulate temperature, conserve energy and support the environment. The investment you make in your trees today will produce immediate benefits and provide long-lasting enjoyment that will transfer to future generations.


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