Tree Removal

Tree removal is best left to the experts

Damaged trees can be a major nuisance and dead trees can prove inconvenient or hazardous for many reasons. Removing a dead or damaged tree is often the most technical part of tree care and can be extremely dangerous. Countless accidents, even fatal ones, occur every year from do-it-yourselfers or even inexperienced tree workers trying to remove trees without the proper training and equipment. You need a certified and experienced arborist to safely perform this essential task.

Many certified arborists joined the tree care industry because of the art of tree removal. The act of removing a tree is truly an art that can involve technical rigging and roping techniques, hoisting limbs and leaders with winch devices, safely and efficiently picking out large portions of a tree with a crane, or just notching and accurate dropping.

Removing a tree can be an enjoyable challenge for a tree care specialist. The way in which a tree service and arborist removes trees speaks volumes about their experience and knowledge.

We highly recommend any tree removal be done through a professional arborist service such as Fielding Tree & Shrub Care. We provide only the most experienced ground personnel and qualified tree removal specialists for this dangerous and important task. Tree removal can take place any time of the year but there are seasons when the tree removal cost can be less expensive.

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