Tree Trimming

Fielding Tree & Shrub Care aims to be a cut above other tree care companies

Tree trimming is the act of regularly selecting and removing certain branches on a tree. This practice is extremely important for two very specific reasons.

  • Tree trimming helps improve the aesthetic appeal of your trees. A proper tree trimming service will increase the visual value of your landscape, ultimately adding worth to your property.
  • Tree trimming also increases the overall health of your trees.

The act of removing select branches on a tree redirects the proper nutrientsĀ to remaining tree branches. If left unattended, a tree will eventually become unsightly and sick. There are many types of tree trimming services and methods that an arboristĀ (or tree doctor as we like to call ourselves) can use when trimming and there are many philosophies on how to trim trees.

What’s involved with tree trimming from Fielding Tree Care?

At Fielding Tree & Shrub Care, we believe that trimming your trees should depend first on what you as the customer want. We also rely on our knowledge of professional tree service to help serve you. Our experienced and certified arborists know the nuances of tree care within a high-altitude environment. We take the time to study where your tree is located on your property, what type of species it is, and what environmental conditions may be factored into the current season.

We believe that a properly trimmed tree will be pruned for a sound structure, well-balanced for a strong growth form, removed of any dead wood, and not over-thinned in the canopy. Over-thinning, especially in Colorado’s arid climate, can easily stress a tree and ultimately lead to its failure. Our expertise can help give you the right look of your trees for years to come.

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