Maple Tree Maintenance

Main identifiers:

  • Most common species found in Colorado: Of course, the Sugar Maple is the most popular species, but the Green Mountain Maple, Apollo Sugar Maple, and Bigtooth Maple are newer maple tree species that tend to do much better in the Colorado soil compared to the Sugar Maple.
  • Leaf shape and color: The iconic maple leaf shape on the Canadian national flag is the three-pointed symbol with slightly jagged edges.
  • Bark texture: Maple trees have dark-brown bark that has deep furrows that run vertically across the bark face.

Most common diseases and pests:

Maple trees are highly susceptible to root rot and a handful of other diseases. Verticillium Wilt is arguably the most common above-ground disease that typically affects Sugar Maple trees more than other maple tree species. As the name implies, verticillium wilt causes a rapid wilting appearance that needs to be addressed at the first opportunity to save the tree. Tar spots and leaf spots are also forms of tree diseases that attack maple tree species.

Healthy Maple Tree

A Healthy Maple Tree
Chlorotic & Healthy Maple Tree

A Chlorotic & A Healthy Maple Tree
Silver Maple Tree with Chlorosis Leaves

Silver Maple Tree with Chlorosis Leaves
Silver Maple Tree with Severe Chlorosis

Silver Maple Tree with Severe Chlorosis