Trees & Shrubs We Treat

What’s the best treatment plan for your tree or shrub? The right answer depends on more than just the type of species. As a property owner, you need to know your trees and shrubs are receiving the exact care they deserve. No guesswork. No trial-and-error. You want the best, most comprehensive care to help protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

Our team of ISA-certified arborists have treated every type of tree and shrub in the Denver metro area. Below is a list of the more popular tree species we treat, including the common diseases and risk factors associated with each type:

Apple Tree Maintenance
Ash Tree Maintenance
Cottonwood Tree Maintenance
Elm Tree Maintenance
Linden Tree Maintenance
Locust Tree Maintenance
Maple Tree Maintenance
Pine, Evergreen and Spruce Tree Maintenance


“But, I didn’t see my specific tree or shrub species listed! Can you help me?!”

As we mentioned, the species listed above are the most common we see each day. Our crew of ISA-certified arborists study even the most unique tree and shrub species. If you have an uncommon tree or shrub type and want to learn more, we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.

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